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Happy Birthday Corbilicious \m/ ( that's you Iain ) AND NOW IT"S WORKING !!! [May. 10th, 2013|06:08 pm]
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Please feel motherfucking free to add videos of you singing along in the comments folks. I think it would be hilarious to cut a video out of it all. C'mon - it's friday ... we made it through the winter ... pour a glass, pack a bowl or just get your stoopid on.

This was inspired by Regina the Den mother of the BWB and Caress of Cersei - all woman, all legend.

Feeling the <3

Saving for the commune/retirement compound.

ETA - Jarvis Cocker words and music. What a legend :)
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Ziggy played guitar ... [Feb. 11th, 2013|01:31 pm]
Originally posted by mutha_hydra at Ziggy played guitar ...
Jamming good with Webb and Gilly ...

So Thursdays and Fridays have become music days for the Triffster* and I. We jam, we work on theory, we dream of buying and collecting more instruments. We are currently working on our set list for the just Triffy and Jo thing; as well as working on the Hardbitten Fleabottom Swingtime BandTM and the houseband for our residency at the Cabaret night.

Fighting the patriarchy whilst still being in love with Robert Plant's trousers ...Collapse )

The hands of gold they are always cold but my bottom's always warm ..Collapse )

Wilkommen, Bienvenue, Wlecome ...Collapse )
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Brace ... [Mar. 11th, 2009|10:50 pm]
I am going to blog about women in the middle ages and the exceptions that actually got militant and fought. Some as themselves and some in the wonderful tradition of cross dressing and going to war.

Sign up if you are into it - cos I don't want to bore the pants off the lot of youse. But there is some good shit here - Xray, Bale, Isis, Needle, silvertistel ( and those whose correct names in this format I cannot remember ) I reckon you will enjoy it and very probably be able to help me articulate my educated rage when some folks just wont accept the authority, validity and accuracy of referring to a successfully defended and published PhD thesis ( my source ).

On another note - we have loads of gigs already this year ( pay days, people ) and one of them is for filming where I get payed twice, because I can dress act and fight as a man or a woman.

It's good practice if you ask me ...
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Help ... [Mar. 11th, 2009|05:02 pm]
I need to find academic standard information on the part that women played in the Hospitallers, also known as the Order of St. John of Jerusalem.

All I have so far is that the rule for women to take holy vows and join the Order in Aragon was establishes in 1188.

Anyone that has anything - post up.
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More memeage - [Sep. 23rd, 2007|01:57 pm]
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cut for your valuable eyesCollapse )
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Tattooarama [Jan. 18th, 2007|08:27 pm]
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So I drove up to my friend's place and got her to do the first session on my new tattoo . W00t . It's a Tom Canti piece from the illustrated affc . It's Areo Hota 's chapter - The Captian of the guards - nice . It's a big piece covering most of my upper back and is very fine line work indeed . I knew my friend Tarn was good but I am both surprised and impressed with just how much of the fine detail she got in there . It took two hours to do the outline and fine details . It hurt and I liked it . Especially when she was tottooing over my spine , different parts of my body were vibrating and I was getting nerve twitches . I will be going back to get the colour and shading done in ten days . She is going to use silver ink and UV responsive colour on bit of it . Now as soon as I find the lead I'll upload the piccies we took . I am no longer adrenalined out of my head and dripping blood so ....

Got the confirmation of babysitters for Boskone today . My sisters are soooooo cool ( and talented with impressive cv's to show directors of certain HBO series ) . I_need_con . Con_must_happen_soon . I picked up a great bargain party frock with a very deep back for much cheaper than the tattoo , so that some granola bars , a bottle of gin and clean pants and I'm ready to rock .
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The in sound [Jan. 16th, 2007|07:47 pm]
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Today the kids from the dance class decided to use a track from the Boys , The In Sound from Way Out . They rule . Kids and Boys , that is . The routine is for our spring recital and is named " afflicted with a kind of funky " . So cool , I had to tell .

In other news , no amount of money , fame or love will EVER intice me to move back to England . Having spent most of today on the telephone to try and arrange to get copies of my long lost GCSE certificates ( from 1993) , I can say quite confidently , fuck England and it's bureaucracy . But no , it is not only england but Ireland aswell . The Central Applications office in Galway have had me arranging for certificates to be sent from London , Oxford and Manchester at a cost of just under €300 to satisfy their criterea , when I have already been accepted by the university . The application through the CAO being but a formality . Well , €300 of formality . All of this for lower level exams from 15 years ago . Really people what is the point ?
End of rant .
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